This is an asylum challenge following the rules outlined here. Essentially, I control only one sim - Gloria - and help her fulfill her lifetime wish as quickly as possible, while trying to keep her and the other patients alive in less than ideal circumstances.

I did, however, make a few changes to the rules for myself:

- Gloria is not insane and has a bunch of skills to start with, as explained here.

- I sacrificed one of the skill objects in favor of a cheap stereo. I thought it would be fun to see the loonies dance.

- The non-controllable sims are all insane and absent-minded for maximum craziness, but they do not hate the outdoors. I found that they remained indoors well enough. But boy, did they get stir crazy!

- Because I wanted to play in a large and "nicely" decorated asylum, I designated some parts of the building as an apartment and some as public rooms. That way the bills are still high, but more manageable. I spent too long building that place to have the repoman take all my stuff away!

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